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My Little Pony

Sara Green (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781681035147

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Since the 1980s, the My Little Pony brand has worked to spread a message of friendship and happiness to its many fans around the world. In addition to its toys and television, My Little Pony has taken its mission to the streets through campaigns such as the International Day of Friendship. This title gallops through the history and development of the cute and positive brand!

Desert Survival Handbook

Ruth Owen (author)

Publisher: Bearport Publishing ISBN: 9781909673571

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You are alone and lost. You have no water. No food. No cell phone. No map. The Sun is getting hotter and hotter. Would you know how to survive in a desert? This fantastic survival handbook combines adventure, real-life survival tactics, and fascinating facts about desert habitats. How can ants or bird droppings be a clue to a source of water? How do you build a shelter when there is nothing around but sand? And which desert animals are dangerous, and how can you avoid them?

Superstars of the Chicago Bears

Matt Scheff (author)

Publisher: Amicus Publishing ISBN: 9781607535522

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Presents some of the Chicago Bears’ superstars and their achievements, including Mike Ditka, Dick Butkus, and Brian Urlacher.

Mixed Martial Artists

Elizabeth Noll (author)

Publisher: Black Rabbit Books ISBN: 9781680720617

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Compares and contrasts some of Mixed Martial Art's most popular fighters from past to present from past to present through engaging text and dynamic infographics, charts, timelines, photos and strong reading level control.

Detroit Lions

Allan Morey (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781626173651

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Although the Detroit Lions haven’t had much luck in championships, they show courage and spirit on the field. They have produced some amazing star power, including Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders! An interesting fact is that the Detroit Lions have hosted a game every Thanksgiving Day since 1934, with the exception of the years during WWII. Young readers will enjoy learning more about the Detroit Lions in this fascinating title.


Lydia Bjonlund (author)

Publisher: Cherry Lake Publishing ISBN: 9781602794290

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Examines the basic concepts of alcohol abuse through the lens of the latest scientific studies and finding. Provides tools for evaluating conflicting and ever changing ideas.

La estacion de bomberos

Judy Kentor Schmauss (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478836629

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Vamos de excursion a la estacion de bomberos! Teach early Social Studies concepts and foundational reading skills with this precisely leveled text.

What Are Shadows and Reflections?

Robin Johnson (author)

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company ISBN: 9781427190109

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What happens when light is blocked? How can we redirect light? Readers will discover the answers to these questions and more in this fact-filled title. Readers will explore the properties of transparent, translucent, opaque, and reflective materials, and learn how to redirect light beams and create shadows.


Claire Archer (author)

Publisher: ABDO ISBN: 9781629702971

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This title will introduce your little readers to leopards, one of the fiercest cats on Earth. Complete with bolded glossary terms and a More Facts section. Young readers will gather basic information about leopards through easy-to-read, simple text alongside beautiful full-bleed photographs. Translated by native Spanish speakers.

Que figuras puedo pintar?

Anne Diorio (author)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781612697758

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Conoces los diferentes tipos de figuras? A ver si tambien puedes pintarlas.

Caperucita Roja

Laura Layton Strom (author), Bill Greenhead (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478827733

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Averigua que sucede cuando Caperucita Roja habla con un desconocido!

A is for Axel: An Ice Skating Alphabet

Kurt Browning (author), Melanie Rose (illustrator)

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press ISBN: 9781410308344

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Four-time World Champion and professional figure skater Kurt Browning replaces his boots and blades with pen and paper in A is for Axel: An Ice Skating Alphabet. From holding an edge to laces and hooks, Kurt glides and dances through the alphabet explaining the history, techniques, and memorable moments of the sport. Spirited illustrator Melanie Rose captures the excitement visually with her colorful, playful illustrations. With the Winter Olympics spinning our way in 2006, this book will have fans young and old dreaming of gold. Author Kurt Browning is known for his fluid movement and confidence on the ice. A four-time world champion, Kurt is the first figure skater to be named as Canada's outstanding male athlete. He presently skates professionally with Stars on Ice and lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife and son. Illustrator Melanie Rose's charming and lively oil paintings have graced the pages of several Sleeping Bear Press titles including Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet; H is for Homerun: A Baseball Alphabet; and W is for Wind: A Weather Alphabet. She makes her home in Mississauga, Canada, with her son Liam and their two cats, Mickey and Meesha.

S is for Sunshine: A Florida Alphabet

Carol Crane (author), Michael Glenn Monroe (illustrator)

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press ISBN: 9781585366477

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The Sunshine State gets its own alphabet book! Florida, where "B is for Beaches, P is for Pirates, and V is for Vacationers," comes to life with playful, vivid illustrations by Michael Monroe and a conch shell full of fun facts and poems by Florida author and educator Carol Crane. Do you know which city is the state capitol? Which fragrant blossom is the state flower? Learn all this and more with S is for Sunshine: A Florida Alphabet.


Amy Van Zee (author)

Publisher: The Child's World ISBN: 9781609730666

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Explore the colorful customs, people, and places of Louisiana. With straightforward text and captivating photos, this book is a great introduction to the state. Maps and symbols are included to enrich the student's understanding of geography and state identity.

Caribou Migration

Rebecca Hirsch (author)

Publisher: The Child's World ISBN: 9781614731726

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Explains how caribou live and grow; discusses their migration, its purpose, and its route; and lists threats caribou may face on their migration.

AFC South

Jim Gigliotti (author)

Publisher: The Child's World ISBN: 9781609737030

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Describes the origins and basic statistics of the four teams--the Houston Texans, the Indianapolis Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Tennessee Titans--which make up the National Football League's AFC South grouping.

You Want Me to Eat That? A Kids' Guide to Eating Right

Rachelle Kreisman (author), Tim Haggerty (illustrator)

Publisher: Red Chair Press LLC ISBN: 9781937529710

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Have you ever been told, "Eat your vegetables"? Some of the orange ones are okay; even the yellow ones are fine. Give it a chance and discover why eating a variety of foods is good for building strong bodies and brains.

I Have a Playground

Jamie Kyle Mc Gillian (author), Natalie Smillie (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478816904

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Teach early Physical Development concepts and foundational reading skills with this precisely leveled text.

The Storm

Judy Kentor Schmauss (author), Cale Atkinson (illustrator)

Publisher: Newmark Learning ISBN: 9781478813620

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Teach early Social and Emotional Development concepts and foundational reading skills with this precisely leveled text.


Sara James (author)

Publisher: Mason Crest ISBN: 9781422290705

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Martial arts students dont just learn how to fight. They also learn lots of other important thingslike how to stay safe. Martial artists know how to kick, jump, and punch without hurting themselves. They know how to protect their bodies in martial arts classand out. Discover how martial arts can help you stay safe too!

Triple H

Adam Stone (author)

Publisher: Bellwether Media Inc. ISBN: 9781612115313

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Triple H has been a mainstay of professional wrestling for well over a decade. Over this time, he has been both a hero and a villain. Students will explore his background and training, learning about the moves that make him such a powerful force in professional wrestling.


Cari Meister (author)

Publisher: Jump Library ISBN: 9781624961908

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In Fish, early readers will learn how to care for a pet fish and discover which types of fish make good pets. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage emergent readers as they discover what it takes to be a pet owner. A labeled diagram helps readers understand what a fish needs, while a picture glossary reinforces new vocabulary. Children can learn more about pet fish online using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Fish also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, and an index. Fish is part of Jump!'s My First Pet series.

Connor Plays Soccer

Sharon Lewis (author), Nicholas Jackson (illustrator)

Publisher: Snap! Learning ISBN: 9781620465769

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Struggling readers are supported by repetitive syntax and playful illustrations that show how fun it is to play soccer

That's Spooky: Vampires

Aaron Frisch (author)

Publisher: The Creative Company ISBN: 9781566601986

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A basic but fun exploration of vampires--blood-sucking creatures that can live forever--including how they come to exist, their weaknesses, and memorable examples from pop culture.

NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers

Aaron Frisch (author)

Publisher: The Creative Company ISBN: 9781566600897

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A basic introduction to the Los Angeles Lakers professional basketball team, including its formation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1947, greatest players, championships, and stars of today.